Our approach is to work closely with all our clients and to ensure that everything we do not only delivers the results you require but also creates the right impression. Why? Because, we believe that making and maintaining a good impression is crucial to business success.

In the ancient Buddhist tale of the Pali Canon a group of blind men are asked to describe an elephant. They each got hold of a different part of the animal. The first who touched its head thought it was a pot; the second who grasped its ear said it was a fan, the third who grabbed its tusk believed it to be the handle of a plough, and the fourth, who felt its trunk announced it was a snake.

We believe this is an invaluable lesson for all businesses and organisations. Without great care and attention, your customers could gain a different impression of your business according to the contact they have with you … looking at your website, reading your brochure, experiencing your customer service, seeing news about you in the press or online, listening to others, etc.

Every impression should be consistent and impress every time. It is no use having a glossy brochure if the reality does not live up to the promise. Equally, it is of little value attracting new customers if you fail to retain them and encourage repeat business. This means regularly considering every aspect of your business, from the service you provide to people’s perception of it.

The Pali Canon also inspires our approach to all PR and marketing work – be it a one-off news release or a full blown marketing strategy. We believe that we will only deliver exceptional results for our clients, if we consider each project from every conceivable angle to get a true understanding of all the issues involved and then apply our expertise to develop the best possible solution. Putting this into practice, means that we:
●  Listen to you carefully and appreciate your circumstances to ensure that all our ideas are well thought through and designed to satisfy your particular situation, issues and ambitions.
●  Look at every challenge with fresh eyes and bring our broad range of experience to bear on all projects.
●  Put ourselves in your customers’ shoes to develop marketing solutions that capture their attention, communicate clearly and stimulate action.
●  Think before we act and consider all projects from all angles before making any recommendations.
●  Value everyone’s point of view and work best when we work as a team in close partnership with our clients.

In short, we believe that results-driven marketing solutions are the result of a broad minded, structured approach combining extensive experience, a deep understanding of all the issues involved, well honed marketing skills, creativity, practical advice, hard work and a fresh perspective.