To give yourself the best chance possible to succeed, it sometimes helps to try a fresh approach rather than sticking to what you’ve always done.  Our range of off-the-shelf business development and marketing tools are designed to help spas and salons identify and rectify any bad habits that may be harming their business quickly and inexpensively, so they can plan how best to make the most of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

They include:
First Impressiontest
     is the first impression your business makes good, bad or indifferent?
Health & Fitness Check
     a quick review of what it’s like to experience your spa.
Fresh Eyes
     operations audit to give you a clear picture of how you work
Total Detox
     identify and rectify any bad habits that are harming your business
Well-Being Discovery
     customer satisfaction surveys to tell you what you’re doing well and where you can improve
Male Treatment
     how to make your spa welcoming to that other 50% of the population - men