A picture says 1000 words, so we'll keep this brief!  Footprint knows the value of a good photograph, whether for media relations or for newsletters and brochures.  Many of our photographs are taken by the in-house team, but we also use external photographers for other specific projects.  Here are some samples taken from our photo library.  Click on a photo if you would like to see a larger version. 

Whitby Abbey by night, taken by Footprint     Inside a Eurovac tanker, taken by Graham Nelson     Industrial photography doesn't need to be dull, taken by Footprint

A glazing installation, taken by George Bosniak          The Robin Hood Challenge at Richmond Castle, taken by Footprint         

Winter sun at Rievaulx, taken by Footprint     Gates at dusk, taken by John Eckhart     Down the barrell of a gun, taken by Footprint     Fire dancing, taken by Footprint

Dinky tractors, taken by Guzelian     Breakfast by the pool, taken by John Eckhart     King Arthur, taken by Guzelian     Wallets, taken by Carte Blanche Photography

Le Mas Candille, taken by John Eckhart          Newby Hall's sculpture park, taken by Guzelian     Gear cogs in a Flender gearbox, taken by Footprint     Beeston Castle's forest, taken by Carte Blanche