Our hands on experience of working in the leisure industry spans decades, not just in marketing but in management, operations and distribution too. We’ve occupied a variety of positions, both on the inside, within spas, salons, health clubs and hotels, and on the outside, as consultants and suppliers, which gives us a unique insight into, and understanding of, this dynamic and constantly changing marketplace.

So whether you want to improve member retention, stimulate repeat visits, promote leisure breaks, analyse customer feedback, increase secondary spend, exploit the marketing potential of your client database, improve internal and external communication, review your operations, motivate your team or simply raise your profile, we can help.

We know what works and what doesn’t, we understand the operational difficulties which impact on marketing initiatives and appreciate that there’s never enough time or money to do everything. So we work closely with you to understand your unique situation and then provide whatever support you require to drive your business forward.

The depth of our knowledge is matched by the breadth of our services: from satisfaction surveys to public relations campaigns, training courses to operations audits, marketing plans to brochure production, database marketing to loyalty schemes, promotional events to newsletters and social networking to journalist visits.

What's more, our services are all tailored to suit your specific needs and budget and you can use us as much and as often as you like, on either an on-going or ad hoc basis.  We've even developed some great value off-the-shelf business development and training tools for the spa and beauty industry.

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